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If you're such a die-hard fan and feel like collecting stuff besides movies, that's possible. But the search can take a while, as most items are rather hard to find. You might want to check out ebay for example. I'm sure you can find a couple of things.

Here are a couple of examples of what you might find or look for. And if you've spotted something not listed here, drop a line!

Publicityphotos, presskitphotos and lobbycards

Publicityphoto from CBS for the Oldest Rookie (1987) and signed publicityphotos.






Pressstill and lobbycard from Air America

Virus and Total Recall lobbycards









Collectorscards and tradingcards









These you can find very easily. They come in a pack of Total Recall tradingcards along with some "Marsrock" and "Marsmoney".

More lobbycards







A Spanish lobbycardset from Nightmare on Elm Street 2. 
Originally containing 12 cards.






German lobbycardset of Airheads, originally containing 6 cards and The Vagrant lobbycard.



For the gamer, there's Code Blue. An interactive game from LegacyInteractive.

A movieposter from the Vagrant and a Thai movieposter from Nightmare on Elm Street 2.

Further more there are 35 mm trailers (Johnny B Good, Nightmare on Elm Street 2, undercover blues), soundtrackcds (the Vagrant, end of violence), laserdiscs (nightmare on Elm Street 2) and even movieprops, like his jacket he wore in Starship Troopers has been up for sale.

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