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Making of... 

A nightmare on Elm Street 2

Five hours faced down, while the make-up artists were glueing on the rubber. This scene had to be correct at the first take. And it was!

When you have the dvd, you can see many other special effects very easily, because the movie is of much better quality than the tape.

The "Open your mind" phrase was later used in housemusic: Usura - Open your mind. (1992) Later on (1999?) this was remixed again by DJ Irene and DJ Quicksilver and most likely several more.

Total Recall



Part of it was a very complicated bit of puppetry with ten puppeteers. They all sat in front and were very skilled. Rob Bottin built the application. It was one of the most expensive ever and then later he built a robot which intercuts.

If you look really closely and press stop - action you can see it is a fake, just barely. But mainly it was operated by puppeteers.

Listen carefully to the voice of Kuato and guess who this is.

One of many wonderful creations by Rob Bottin.

Alvarezwaxmodels who make a lot of (movie)puppets, designed Kuato / George.

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