I was born in Tulsa, OK, on sep 28, 1942. Somehow it became known I was born in 1944, but in fact that was not the case. I grew up there until I was thirteen and then my family moved to Denver, Colorado. I went to a fancy boarding school in New Hampshire, same one as John Kerry went to, but I got kicked out and went to another in Colorado Springs where I became very interested in acting having been in the play, “Harvey” in which I played Elwood Dowd. I thought about actually being an actor, but I was discouraged by others who told me I wasn’t good enough, so I didn’t act again for over twenty years when Alan Parker asked me to do the small role of Ronsky in ”Birdy”. So...when I did Birdy I didn’t know what I was doing and Alan Parker comes up to me and tells me that the character is a sick asshole just like me, “action!” 

After birdy I did a picture for Fred Roos, who actually discovered me as it were. Before I ever acted Alan Parker was at a dinner party with the great casting guy, Fred Roos, and Alan was having problems finding an actor for the part of Ronsky. Fred recommended me. Alan said that I wasn’t an actor. Fred said that was the point. I did Birdy and then a small movie for Fred called 7 minutes in heaven. He is a very close friend to this day.


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