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By Dennis Pellegrom (

You worked with Paul Verhoeven on two occasions: Starship Troopers and Total Recall.
How did you get cast for Total Recall?
I went in for an audition and read the material in front of Paul.

Was it because Verhoeven remembered you from Total Recall that you got the part of General Owen in Starship Troopers?
Probably but I had to audition for that, too.


The ultimate guide to...
Marshall Bell

That Guy from... Twins, Total Recall

By Zac Crain

Bell is the go-to guy for casting direc­tors looking for authoritarian types. He's played hard-nosed coaches, fathers. sheriffs, military officers. gun-store own­ers, and bartenders. If asked, I'm sure he could play a hard-nosed chifdren's show host. But he showed in the short. lived series G vs E that he could be funny, too, if he was allowed to be. Maybe he will be again sometime. 

You've seen them, You've enjoyed their work. You just don't know their names. Now we explain the awesome appeal of Hollywood's anonymous working class.


The Vagrant
Fangoria #111

The Darking lot at the Saul Zaentz Film Center in Berkeley, CA, is curiously filled with employees and spectators standing around in conservative 'three-piece suits, hashing through casual conversation and generally acting as if the evacuation from the building moments earlier was only a fire drill. As it happens, the Chocolat factory next door had a gas leak, and a cloud of highly flammable vapor was thrown into the atmosphere only to be sucked into the Film Center's air conditioning unit, leaving the building a sitting gas bomb. A few yards away, dressed casually in a jacket and T-shirt, Chris Walas -monster maker turned filmmaker- is very concerned with the potential danger.


Viruses and X-Files and Bugs, Oh My!
by Michelle Erica Green

"I'm genre, babe," declares Marshall Bell, who plays Woods in the much-anticipated Virus which finally opens this week. A veteran of dozens of science fiction films from Total Recall to Starship Troopers, with memorable guest appearances on The X-Files and Millennium, the actor's voice is instantly recognizable even if it takes a moment to place the name.


"I want the cats with the comic book collections to be the ones who are our fans..."
by Kenneth Plume

GN FilmForce's Kenneth Plume recently talked to character actor Marshall Bell.
Bell has acted in over fifty movies and TV series over the last 16 years, among them are Twins, Total Recall, The Puppet Masters, X-Files, Millennium, Starship Troopers, and Virus. He's currently on the Sci-Fi Channel TV show good vs. evil (previously known as G vs E when it was on the USA Network) and was gracious enough to allow Ken to interview him between takes while they were wrapping up their first season and even more gracious to volunteer additional time to expand the interview after production ended.


10 Questions: Marshall Bell
The character actor from such films as Total Recall and Starship Troopers, as well as TV's good vs. evil, answers our 10 Q's.
by Kenneth Plume

1. What is your favorite piece of music?
"What'd I Say?"


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